Everything starts with a dream and what’s going on in the art and culture scene in Auroville is the perfect example of this spirit: art for beauty, art for creating, art for sharing and art for joy.


It is easy to be sceptical about the achievement of art in a trashion show. After all, trash is meant to be discarded, isn’t it? To transform it into beauty and something valuable is a real achievement! On the 1 st of

April, Auroville’s trashion show (organized as part of Litter Free Auroville 2017) was grandiose and beautiful. The audience applauded the show of creativity: dresses made of lamps, rubber, plastic, discarded cloth, paper and more. Truly impressive was the dress that was made out of fishnets, mushroom trays, cloth and more, all assembled in a variety of shapes, colours and designs. It was exquisitely worn and presented so creatively that it could have rivaled Chanel’s latest collection…what an achievement!

The spirit was high, the intent pure and beauty was prevailing. Art was in its ideal form: creativity, unity and community support gave an adrenaline shot of joy and life.


For two hours in the morning of the 1st of April MMC/CP hosted the monthly Kino (first Saturday of every month at 10am), with a selection of shorts (30s-6mn) made by Aurovilian directors and producers. The effort for the sake of art and creativity was impressive and the result inspiring. It felt like a seed that would blossom into a beautiful flower…


To be organised by Francesca and Elke in December, the goals are to bring together the different theatre communities in Auroville, feature new talents, and stress diversity in unity. It will be a 3-day festival and every participant will submit a script of about 10 minutes. For anyone who ever wanted to write, act and share, this could be the beginning of a great journey and maybe the discovery of a new gift. There is no doubt that this festival will contribute to making Auroville’s theatre shine and vibrate.


The festival coming up from December 15 to 22 promises a dazzling week of cultural events, entertainment, intellectual stimulation, and great inspiration. Four categories will be presented including international films that develop the theme of human unity. The selection for the international category is done by cineastes who are spending hours every week to choose the best films that will make us reflect. It will be an exciting cultural and art event that will promote joy and unity in the community.

Art is what concerns a person intimately. It is not only a matter of beauty but also of spiritual freedom and free spiritedness. Auroville art epitomises what it is supposed to be and personal gain is not relevant anymore. And when the ego is conquered, Auroville’s art will be what I think it is meant to be ……a light to the nations.

Chana Corinne Devor, Auroville Art Service