candappane_audreyETERNAL SPACE

Paintings and Drawings by Balasubramanian K, Candappane L, Gopal J, Soucoumarane A

Kala Kendra, Gallery Square Circle

18 December to 31 December

What interested me about this fine show was its diversity: Four artists following their own vision in very different ways.

Candappane is a drawer and a painter of expertly rendered patterns. What was so delightful to me was to recognize the distinct personalities emerging from the cultural symbols adorning the heads that were the subject of much of his work.

Gopal’s love of paint flows into rich expressionistic heads and powerful personal forms. His use of mirrors as a collage element on some of his work is intriguing.

Balasubramanian hit my frustration with a world becoming mechanical in a very powerful visual way – all objects separated in their own space. Then he brought me back to some lovely organic images.

Soucoumarane, using the computer, creates collage pieces to give a ‘stage’ composition to issues of the day. He also plays with bold colours and simple, organic and rectangular patterns.

Audrey for Auroville Art Services