The Pandora’s Box Art & Music Festival is an event organized by Mr. Vikram Ram of Zeus Inc India (also running Bodhi Tree Restaurant) in Alangkuppam, Pondicherry, from December 30 – January 1st.

During this event, at the venue of the event, Auroville Art Service is facilitating an artists’ studio on the 30th and the 31st of December. Artists will work in a shared space and then exhibit and sell their work on the 1st of January at the venue. Later, on a date to be announced, Auroville Art Service will organize an exhibition of the work created during this event in an Auroville venue.

To participate, please apply in person to Auroville Art Service with a recent portfolio. If you are already featured on the Auroville Art Service website, are a member of our co-operative, or you have participated in previous exhibitions organized by us, there is no need to bring a portfolio with you.

For an appointment, please call Art Service: 2623187 or Nilen at 9095189841