pandora11lPANDORA’S BOX ART & MUSIC FESTIVAL is looking for performers, jugglers, circus artists, puppeteers, solo musicians and the bands ( openers) for their upcoming events which will be held at Alangkuppam, Pondicherry, from December 30th to January 1st. All the artists residing in Auroville, young or young at heart, are welcome to participate.

This open platform offers an opportunity for fun, sharing and exposure. There will be no remuneration involved. Come and visit us with your demo CD or an explanation of your performance idea at Auroville Art Service not later than Dec 16th. We will forward it to the organizer of the event, who will contact you.

To know more about the festival look up

Please call Auroville Art service before December 16 at 2623187 or Nilen: 9095189841 to facilitate you.