Auroville Event Trends

  • The above graphs give a brief overview of the types of events and their respective venues within Auroville.
  • The types of data in order include — total events, number of events by venue, number of events by month, number of events by month with different dimensions for regular and casual events, percentage of events that are regular and casual, number of events by day and time of day, number of regular and casual events by month, percentages of the different types of events (rehearsal, class/workshop, screening, exhibition), number of events by event category (dance, music, theatre) against type of event, percentages of the different categories of events (dance, music, theatre).
  • In the graph you can narrow down your data selection by clicking on the specific data item (rehearsal, screening, venue, date). For example, if you want to see information for a single venue only (eg. CRIPA), then if you click on CRIPA in the second graph, all the other graphs show information for events held in CRIPA. To unfilter your search, click on the data item again, which in this example is CRIPA.