Activities & Services

Our Activities & Services

To support art and artists in Auroville, we form an umbrella under which artistic projects can be registered; a platform that provides the services that artists may want or require; and a channel for funds for the development of arts in Auroville.

We seek to nurture individual experiments or group efforts towards a consciousness through the arts. Rooted in our vision and values, the main activities and services that we offer as a cooperative in Auroville are:

Supporting artists

  • We help create platforms for artistic research, creation and administration
  • We coordinate financial support for artistic development among the youth of Auroville
  • We actively work to access grants and funding that support the development of arts in Auroville.
  • We aid Auroville artists in drafting proposals for grants.
  • We form an accounting umbrella that supports income-generation within the Auroville framework.
  • We act as a gateway for artists visiting Auroville.
  • We organise trips to places of artistic interest, e.g. to the Kochi Biennale.

Fostering art in the community

  • We help collect funds for the development of art in Auroville.
  • We support all community action concerning art & culture, including Art4Land, Festival of Auroville in Delhi (2012) and Chennai (2015), and 50th Anniversary planning.
  • We organise, design and support cultural events and festivals, especially those that create a gathering of different peoples.
  • We facilitate public art in Auroville and have supported the installation of four public art works.

Reaching out to the community and the world

  • We run this website, which features Aurovilian artists, as well as workshops, spaces, events, news, etc.
  • We publish articles about artists and their work in the weekly community newsletter, News & Notes.
  • We publish an event calendar on an ongoing basis, as well as a weekly newsletter with updates on events, open calls, news features, grants, competitions and more.
  • We maintain an active social media presence, which serves as a vibrant interface for Auroville’s artistic activities to the world.
  • We publish MAgzAV, an occasional arts and culture print magazine.

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