Marie-Claire Barsotti

Marie-Claire Barsotti: A Journey from Schoolteacher to Holistic Artist and Self-Awakening Guide Marie-Claire Barsotti, a former schoolteacher turned jewelry designer […]


Aikya is more of an artist of life. She created Spirit&Nature, an activity which can take many forms; Nature as […]


I am a visual artist, born in St. Petersburg but raised and living in Auroville since I was two years […]

Claire Iono

Claire, visual artist, was born in 1969 in Paris.She has been living in Auroville for the last 10 years. Ever […]

Lui Gino Fabozzi

I started drawing and painting at an early age. Having been raised in a Catholic environment I often copied pictures […]

A. Sathya

I have been passionate about painting since my early years and started practicing in our local cultural center. since i came […]

Olga Bogachova

Olga was born in Kiev, Ukraine. Since that time she is overzealous to all types of art, mural art, sculptures […]

Helgard Zurmühl

Born 1949 in Heilbronn (Germany) , living and working as artist in Auroville, India and in Germany, Tübingen / Berlin Art […]

Birgitta Volz

Birgitta Volz, an artist and designer with major international recognition, can be credited with nearly 100 solo exhibitions, more than […]

Anuradha Majumdar

Who am I? This is an excellent question. It certainly merits serious reflection. A clear discernment of self, few identifying […]

Ireno Guerci

When Ireno came with his partner from Italy to join Auroville in 1988 it was with the intention to drop […]


Polyphonik Neo-Urban -/- Clown Krypto-Naze Novo-Punky -/-Nomad Bio-Anartist Je suis comme Tout l’monde, comme Personne et comme Certains I am […]


Osiva lives at Yatra, Auroville. Since early childhood, he felt a strong inclination towards painting and has continuously developed his […]


Autodidact since1970. It was after my first journey to Auroville in 1973, in a quest for the future, that inspiration […]


Edo is a blues, classic rock and progressive guitarist who emphasize improvisation over structured musical approach. He is a self-taught […]