Born: 17 April 1954 in Trier, Germany.
I studied Vis.Com./Arts in Germany and worked as Graphic Designer in Advertisement Agencies. After coming to Auroville in 1981, I continued design work including book publications, exhibitions and graphics. Since 1984, I worked in various art-forms:
– Oil Painting (with exhibitions in Auroville, Pondicherry, Chennai, Delhi, and Germany)
– Architecture (several houses in Auroville, projects, plans and models)
– Sculpture (in Terracotta, White Marble and Light-sculptures in Plexiglass)
as well as Music (drums and percussion…already in Germany, then here in Auroville in various bands).

In 1994, I started ‘Kalabhumi’ (the ‘Land of Arts’) in the heart of the Cultural Zone of Auroville – the beginning of a Cultural Centre with ateliers and studios for the education and practice of all forms of Art Expression. In the last few years (before 2012), the main work-focus was on Architecture and as member of the Town-Planning Group L’avenir d’Auroville/ Town Development Council. Since April 2012 I live in Germany and work on oil paintings, with exhibitions in November and December.

e-mail: rolfartist [at], rolfartist [at]
India: Kalabhumi, Auroville, Tel. 2623670
Germany: Kirchberg 21, 51491 Overath, Tel 02206-865686