Citizen One

MWARNING! Do Not Watch The Office of Progress has been made aware of the presence of a subversive theatrical production. […]

Puppet Workshop

Upcoming Puppet Workshop on 1/12/2016, meant for ART Teachers, theater teachers, or other interested teachers… These are puppets for shadow […]

Academic Genius Brothers

Performed at unpredictable intervals in the amphitheatre of Auroville’s Visitor’s Centre, the Academic Genius Brothers’ performances may question taste, but […]

The Unicorn Collective

The Unicorn Collective is based in Auroville, south India. We are an interdisciplinary collective, striving towards collaborative work of high […]

Blank Page

Greetings from Adishakti! We are delighted to invite everyone for Sunil Shanbag’s “Blank Page” at Adishakti on Monday 15th August, […]

Run and Play

Yatra Theatre Team presents Run and Play (Odi Vilaiyadu) written & directed by Yatra Srinivasan Friday, 12th August, 2016 7.30 […]

Mix The Play

 Mix the Play is an interactive video platform that sees the British Council collaborate with one of UK’s most popular theatre’s […]

The Musical Body

Indianostrum Théâtre is delighted to present THE MUSICAL BODY A theatre workshop by Jean-Jacques Lemêtre of the Théâtre du Soleil, […]