unnamedThe first weekend of our Remembering Veenapani festival shows was received with applaud and packed houses! We would like to thank all the those involved for make our opening weekend so cheerful.

‘Remembering Veenapani’ will platform commendable performances for the next three weekends of February as well. This month-long weekend festival is held in the memory of our dear guru, Veenapani Chawla. Veenapani invested 25 years of time and effort to create an ideal space that welcomes artists from across cultures to realise their creative aspirations. As artists who have had a direct impact of her work, we wish to celebrate this with you.

In the coming weekend Adishakti two dance performances and one music performance.

Across, Not Over
Choreographed by Preethi Athreya
Performed by Vikram Iyengar
In collaboration with India Foundation For The Arts
On Friday, 10th February at 7pm

The Sage For The Ages & Kaartikz Ensemble
A group of eloquent musicians from Dhaka
On Saturday, 11th February at 7pm

Rage & Beyond: Irawati’s Gandhari
Written, Choreographed & Performed by Sanjukta Wagh
On Sunday, 12th February at 7pm