Hello Dear Polyphonik neo-urban

The ” Intimate Revelations “- Wazo Solo – Part 2 / Friday 1 July is Cancelled.

The Daring Kitchen Production will inform you of the next Performing Show :

1/ When Henri The Cook and Waz The Waiter will be agree about the Saveur to give to the ” Royal Menu Special AV-VIPs ” during the next Dinner-Theater Show.

2/ or when the weather will be performandable in V.C

3/ or for no reason at all

4/ or for good reason

Signed : W & H

Intimate Revelations part II – Wazo Solo Show

time: 8pm, Fri July 1st

place: Visitors’ Centre

Guest Cook : Henri

The 17-06-16 the Roast had started for the AV-VIP.

Next Friday – 1 JULY – a new Royal Menu will be offered to them with more Spices and Chilly Powder.

A Dammed Daring Stuff !

A Dinner-Theater Show in Globish (Global English)  with a Delicious Insolent frenchy style

Signed: Waz the Waiter