The Memory of…!

An intensive 10-day theatre workshop for actors, writers and musicians in order to explore the theme of Partition, Migration and Exile via improvisation, storytelling, sound, movement and music.


The Goethe-Institut I Max Mueller Bhavan Chennai and Kolkata are organizing workshops for actors, play-writers and musicians with professional experience in March and April 2017. The two 10 day workshops will be conducted by German-Syrian actress and theatre director Corinne Jaber.

Exactly 70 years ago, in August 1947, the British Indian Empire was partitioned into two, consecutively three, states which led to the largest mass migration in history with estimated hundreds of thousands killed as well as displaced. Today, the stories of millions o families and individuals are still in many people’s minds, through narratives by first-hand eye-witnesses, second generation narratives or even as inherited memories. But Exile and migration are an equally important phenomenon today, though for different reasons. The workshops’ aim is to collect and explore these stories and thereby prepare the ground for a second stage of the project where a theatre play will be written and potentially staged. At the same time a creative cast with whom the production of the play could potentially be staged will be selected.

Selected participants are expected to bring at least one story related to the theme of Partition and/or Exile. The story can be of any kind, personal or fictional. They are also expected to be familiar with all the facts related to the Partition of lndia. If they feel the need to research or specialize in a particular element of the Partition or modern day’s Exile beforehand, then they are most welcome to do so.

Through the workshop, the stories are going to be explored in a variety of ways, working on improvisation and storytelling, sound, movement and music. Each participant will also be given a small research work to be conducted on their own or in small groups during the workshop. The overall aim is to find a theatrical form to contain the stories.

Through extensive discussions, hands-on exercises and detailed feedback, Corinne Jaber will offer participants the possibility to work in a collaborative way and to expand and deepen their knowledge about theatre acting and development of a theatre play.

The workshop will take place each day from 10 am to 6 pm and might go beyond these hours on some days depending on the progress of the work and the material of research.

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Max Mueller Bhavan Kolkata

8, Ballygunge Circular Road

Kolkata 700019


Tel: +91 33 2486 6398

Fax: +91 33 2486 5188


Max Mueller Bhavan Chennai

4, Rutland Gate 5th Street

Chennai 600 006

Tamil Nadu, india

Tel: +91 44 28331314/2343

Fax: +91 44 28332565

Goethe-Institut I Max Mueller Bhavan will provide lunch on all workshop days. There are no participation fees but the participants will need to find themselves an accommodation.

Participants from out of station who would not be able to participate due to insufficient funds can ask for a special support by Goethe Institut I Max Mueller Bhavan if they attach a credible explanation.


Goethe-Institut I Max Mueller Bhavan Kolkata will organize the workshop from March 23rd – 31st (excluding Sunday) in Kolkata, West Bengal. The workshop will take place at the institute’s premises.

Goethe-Institut I Max Mueller Bhavan Chennai will organize the workshop from 17th April to 26th April 2017 at Adishakti Theatre. Edayanchavady Road, Auroville Post, Villupuram District,
Tamil Nadu – 605 101. Tel: +91 (0) 413 2622287, 2622402

The workshop is open to actors, writers and musicians with a minimum of 3 years of professional experience. Participation will be by prior application only.

Participants are required to spend the full 10 days at the workshop, arriving the day before the workshop begins and departing the day after it ends. The workshop will be conducted in English.


Up to 15 participants will be selected per workshop from the entries to this call for applications. All applications for the Kolkata workshop must be sent to
All applications for the Chennai workshop must be sent to

Please include:

• A brief CV

• representative samples of your work

• a very rough outline of the story(s) you want to share, if




We look forward to hearing from you.

Goethe-Institut I Max Mueller Bhavan Corinne Jaber

Kolkata and Chennai