adishakti_igniteWarm Greetings from Adishakti.

We are so thrilled to be participating in the prestigious Ignite Festival organised by GATI in Delhi and Jaipur this week.

Nimmy Raphel will be performing Nidravathwam,
a play that is written and directed by herself under the creative guidance of our dear Veenapani Chawla.

3 Shows
13th October, Thursday at 6pm in OddBird Theatre, Delhi
13th October, Thursday at 8pm in OddBird Theatre, Delhi
18th October, Tuesday at 7pm in Rangayan, Jaipur

Vinay Kumar, our Artistic Director will be taking a MasterClass,
a session which will introduce participants to Adishakti’s Source of Performance Energy methodology

2 MasterClasses
12th October, Wednesday at 10am in Gati Dance Forum, Delhi
19th October, Wednesday at 11am in Krishnayan, Jaipur

Do come! If you aren’t in town this time, let your friends in Delhi and Jaipur know about these shows and help us spread the word.
Come with your friends and family. And we assure you a roaring good time.You could book your tickets on

Nidravathwam Trailer: