Action In Silent Articulation 

AVFI presents a workshop exploring MIME, a theatrical technique of suggesting action, character or emotion nonverbally, using only gesture, expression and movement.
  • When: 19 June – 18 July, 2021
  • Where : Online Session

The workshop will aid artists, actors, directors to convert Poems, Punctuations and Paradigms into full fledged Mime Acts, through various exercises like ‘Acting is Reacting’, ‘Making the Invisible Visible’, ‘Rhythm is to Run’, ‘Running into Body’ among newer practices like ‘From Near to Far’, ‘All is Stage’, ‘Movement Minus’ and so on. The silent performing art form, MIME will be used to get a grip over non-verbal adjectives. How to express oneself, moreover how to understand the other in unspoken terms? The workshop promises a novel approach to self-expression and storytelling that can be rich with character, humor and pathos; and of course with elements that are strictly physical, requiring practice and dexterity.

Workshop Instructor: Drupad Gaonkar, a multi performing artist, 2 times world record holder and TedX Speaker.

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