Kadaul Theatre Group Presents: Phantom

  • When: 7:30pm, 25 and 26 September, 2021
  • Where: First Cross Street, Kannaiya Nagar, Bommayarpalayam, Pondicherry
  • Registration: Entry Free, Limited Seats only, To book your seat call 63831 96503 or 94873 45624

About the Play

Formation of humanity reflects the social process that constitutes us as subjects. A Subject i.e. ‘I’, is not born but it is transformed into one from a concrete being by his immersion into culture. Of course the space of culture is nothing but Phantom. Phantom is precisely the condition of our being which enables us to recognize ourselves as subjects. Throughout the process of life, human try to clear the phantoms from the head and grasp reality but that process never accomplish in this mere world of nonentity. The play ‘phantom’ is revealed this condition through symbolic projection by the way of distress movements. 

About the Director

Manish Kumar is recognized as a responsible theatre artist. His talent of presenting the stage setting according to the text is well appreciated by the renowned theatre personalities. His multi-fletched personality as an actor, director and stage designer reflects in his work of art. The plays he acted and directed are evidence of this kind. Manish Kumar has done M.A, M.Phil in Theatre Arts and currently pursuing Ph.D. in the Department of Performing Arts, Pondicherry University.