A play that rings out a universal message about the cyclical nature of existence, of balancing the ups and downs and of the power of positive thinking, empathy and laughter as a panacea, especially in difficult times. The production particularly resonates in the context of the pandemic, where mental and physical well-being has been challenged like never before.

Junk Clown centre stages clowns who love to frolic, always laughing and having fun together with endless games and pranks. Through creative games, the clowns play with discarded drums, bicycle handles, broken bowls and dented pots to take their audience on a fun-filled journey, inviting them to explore mazes as in an amusement park. They glide through the fields on bicycles. They battle each other, flying on helicopters made with fans. They create storms and water with broken vacuum cleaners and water hoses. They meet elephants, frilled lizards and cobras in deserts. While the clowns have fun, there is a sudden downpour. The clowns look up to the sky realising that the rain which might inconvenience them while at play, is also Nature’s gift to human beings, nurturing all life forms.

Non-verbal. Duration: 49 minutes.
Suitable for children above 4 as well as for family and adult audiences.

Available for viewing until Sunday, 25 July 2021.