Birgitta takes part in the big art exhibition “V. Triennale Franken” as 1 of 10 selected artists from the south of Germany. The theme is “Truth” and from 1st of July to 5th of September 2021 some of her most impressive, magic bark prints are shown in the Museum of Modern Art “Kunsthalle Schweinfurt”. The size of her work is ranging from 4 m large banners to a small A4 print and they are forming an impressive installation. If you like to see more please have a look at

Also her “Dancing Ganesha” banner, which was printed in Auroville, is in this exhibition. 

Regarding the theme she says: “Every person has her own perception, which is forming her own reality. Through my bark prints I try to share my perception with you and give you access to my own genuine truth”. 

Photo by Kerstin Duell: Birgitta in front of the exhibition poster