From The Auroville Theatre Group: ALL MY SONS, by Arthur Miller, is COMING … May 5, 6 and 7th at 7:30 pm, CRIPA Garden (behind CRIPA), Kalabhumi, Auroville.

American playwright Arthur Miller’s first, great play about family, ethics, money and love …

“Everything was being destroyed, see but it seemed to me that one new thing was made. A kind of… responsibility. Man for man. You understand me? – To show that, to bring that on to the earth again like some kind of monument and everyone would feel it standing there, behind him, and it would make a difference to him.”

Cast: Swar, Vinu Karthick, Jill, Shilpi, Nishant Saini, Ahmed, Satyendra Kumar, Myrta, Manjula Selvam, Satish T.

Directed by Jill

Everyone Welcome.
(Those under 16 years may get restless).