From its very beginning photography has always held a tense relation with theatre practice, but with a mutual preoccupation with posing, staging, framing, and stillness. 

The Theatre Photography Grant broadly seeks works that document theatre (events, practices/processes, people, and spaces) as well as photographs that are theatrical i.e enact a moment, an event, or a state of mind. 

We encourage practitioners to have an expanded understanding of what constitutes theatre and look forward to submissions that push the boundaries of theatre and photography, their interconnections, and ways in which practitioners may link them. 

The deadline for submission of entries is on July 20, 2022. 


  • The area of focus of the grant is India, but the practitioner can be from outside the region.
  • It is open to all practitioners above the age of 25 years.
  • The grant is for a practitioner who is already working on a project.
  • Applicants should not hold any other fellowship or grant relating to the proposed project. This is a one-time grant for this project.

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