Do you enjoy telling the stories of those behind the scenes?
Are you excited to bring to light their contributions? Then you might be who we are looking for!

India Foundation for the Arts (IFA) is looking for a filmmaker! We would like to commission a film/films that tell the stories of IFA

Application Deadline: August 15, 2022

We invite filmmakers to propose ideas for a film/films that tell the story of IFA and its impact in the world of the arts and culture as a facilitator, catalyst and provocateur. 

We are open to ideas on how the film looks and feels, in terms of exploring various aural and visual forms and aesthetics such as animation, graphic design, stop motion or a mix of these. We invite you to send us proposals that incorporate our requirements and your creativity!

What we are looking for in terms of the film/films:

  • Film/films that situate IFA as a facilitator, catalyst and provocateur in the field of arts and culture and society at large. For more details, read:
  • The films should evoke and showcase IFA’s ethos, values, commitment to and impact in challenging dominant narratives, highlighting untold/unheard voices and stories, and critiquing existing knowledge and practices.
  • The films should serve as institutional communication that captures IFA’s journey and the impact of our work.
  • The films are primarily intended to be screened to our various audiences—existing and potential grantees/project coordinators, donors, patrons, Trustees, the larger arts community and the wider public. These will go out on all our social media platforms, including YouTube. 

Duration: Up to 3 minutes each

Budget: Rs 4.5 lakh (All Inclusive)

We expect the completed film/films by February 28, 2023.

Application Guidelines:

  • Apply with
    • Your CV and letter of intent
    • Samples of work. Of these, at least one complete work should be less than 3 minutes long
    • Concept note/proposal of your vision, timeline and budget breakup for the film/films. 
    • A draft storyboard of the film/films
  • Send your proposals by email only to by August 15, 2022with the subject line: Proposal for film on IFA
  • Incomplete applications will not be accommodated.
  • All applications will be acknowledged within a week of receiving them. Only shortlisted candidates will be informed of the next steps.
  • Interviews with shortlisted candidates are expected to take place on Zoom.
  • The applicant finally selected will need to align their proposals, timelines and budgets to meet the requirements of IFA.

For any queries regarding the proposals, please write to

This project is being supported by GROW Fund.

Warm regards,
The IFA Team