AdishaktiThankYoufrom Adishakti

We thank you all!

Dear friends, supporters, donors, trustees, participants and audience members for being with us and seeing us through the ‘Remembering Veenapani‘ festival last month. We dreamed for a month long festival in the name of our teacher, Veenapani Chawla to celebrate our memory of her. This dream, at first, seemed to us like a farfetched humongous project. Slowly but surely with unimaginable support, we gathered enough fuel and fodder to host 15 participating performance companies and several visiting guests. Despite relentless heat, every weekend was such a joyous celebration filled with happy cheer and packed auditoriums. We feel so grateful to have achieved this.

Thank you all for making this special for us. Thank you for making the ‘Remembering Veenapani’ festival landmarked as something to look forward to year after year.

Adishakti Team