Training and Experience in Ceramics

Committed to my life in Auroville, an international township since over eight years now, the focus of my recent work has been images, objects, colors and textures of India. India, my own country, has meant so much more to me after being influenced by Auroville philosophy and life. In my recent shows, I have tried to search for a meaning in these myriad images floating in my mind after several visits to interior countryside.

Working under the guidance of Ray Meeker, at the Golden Bridge Pottery, Pondicherry in 2005 gave me a much-needed direction in my work thereafter. Since then, I have focused on developing forms that were inspired by rural Rajasthan, mainly its architecture and landscape.

Lately, I have been working on developing new forms that reflect my inner search for a perfect form. A form that strives to depict what I feel when I look at the daily life objects in rural India, be it a commemorative stone under a tree outside a village or the wooden pillars of a shrine in central India.

Having been trained as a Painter before my training in ceramics, I strive to create a large canvas in my work that can express freely. These days, preparing for Anagama Firing at Golden Bridge Pottery, Pondicherry, has given me a chance to enhance these images by the effect of glazes and firing, creating interesting textures and patterns like hallows by wad marks and flame, as well as running ash on the surface.

The everlasting Search continues to find the deeper meaning of these forms and images of rural landscapes of India.

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