Nathalie is a painter, illustrator, author, photographer, and sculptor.

Born in Paris, Nathalie moved to India at the age of 7 when her family came to live in Auroville in the early days, as devotees of Sri Aurobindo and Mother. Growing up in Auroville has brought on a profound sense of exploration, adventure and a passion for learning.

Author and illustrator of two children books published in Auroville: MANGO TREE – 2018, JUST IMAGINE! – 2017, In 2012 she Illustrated The Little Wave, a book by Renu Neogy.

She lives with her partner of many years in Auroville – South India, where trees, mongoose, lizards and birdsong are welcomed friends in a mutually beneficial environment.

Email: nathalie(at)

Just Imagine: The book 2017

The Little Wave: By Renu Neogy, Illustrated by Nathalie

Mango Tree: The book 2018