“I have chosen to contribute as a Dance and Drawing Non verbal communicator expressing the ancient and contemporary spiritual culture that rests its base on the divine nature of all beings.”

Grace’s domain of expertise:
– Pedagogy in dance and drawing (non-verbal approach)
– Dance and choreography
– non-verbal languages, sacred & symbolic expressions in specific, the Kolam
– Visual arts
– Trained also as art therapist/ remedial teacher for children

Her Qualities are:
– Keen sense in seeing the relations between different realms creating an integral approach

Personal profile :
Grace grew up in Pondicherry and Auroville and studied in the Netherlands, her Mothers native country.

Diploma holder in Art Therapy and Certified Dancer.

In Auroville she was nurtured by being in the midst of Tamil women embroidering kolams (unit/atelier of her mother Lisa Borstlap). And inspired by her parents research on sound and form, pedagogical, social values and integral education.

Grace created Dance & Drawing in Douceur: D.D.in D (Auroville) a learning and research platform to furnish the need of all who wish to learn how to communicate through Non- Verbal mediums.

She has conducted regular classes seminars and workshops in bringing self-awareness and group awareness to the individual, notably through the drawing and dancing of Kolam as a language.

– Dance: Authentic Movement explorations and technique, Body Awareness classes, Ballet for Children, , Hatha Yoga with music for teenagers and African Dance…

– Drawing: classes with various themes: Intuitive and guided painting use/technique, Mandala, Labyrinth, Numerology, Sacred Art and Kolam drawing.

Dance and Drawing
Dance is a lot like Drawing; both are nonverbal acts of communicating the perceived worldview of the individual, group, culture or nation.

address: Douceur, Auroville
mobile: +91-9841412550 or landline: +91-413-2623446