Auroville is a spiritual endeavor, and creating theatre in Auroville involves heart, mind, body… and lots of spirit. In fact, the work on stage is a reflection of a process that may have started with a text into which one dives, tempted by its call… The goal becomes then the opening up of the story to its widest dimension, while finding that, as the story unfolds, its inner dimension becomes the key…

We search for Truth and a fineness of expression, we experience the joy of a tale unfolding and of ourselves as artists growing.

Often, we give it time… Time to dig deep and look wide.

Whether working through improvisation or with a text, Auroville offers a unique opportunity to mix languages, cultures and ages in its theatrical expression: unity in diversity through the sacred act of playing together.

e-mail: jill.navarre [at]
address: Prarthana, Auroville
tel: (91) 919486416173