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Creative brief

We are looking for filmmakers and creatives across the globe to help us with our Shooting From Home Project. The project we want to create is inspired by the fact that there are currently millions of filmmakers (like us!) stuck at home, with lots of time and camera equipment sitting around gathering dust. To create something inspiring and beautiful.

We want to make a creative documentary focusing on filming moments of beauty at home and some of the positive things staying home has created, whether that’s spending more time with your partner or children, taking time to learn a new skill, cooking/gardening more, speaking to your neighbours more, it can be anything and everything. We want to collate footage from you our amazing filmmaking community that is around the world and in doing so create a diverse, global perspective of some of the wonderful and creative things that are happening inside the home during this time. 

The hope is the film would serve as a positive and inspiring view of being asked to stay at home, shed some light within these dark times, and of course reinforce the idea of staying at home.

Please note that the making of the film is not-for profit and not being made for commercial use. 

Additional information

1. The footage we want to use MUST be shot in your home, following the basic guidelines of staying safe within the Covid19 pandemic. This means it can only feature you and your household. You can film out of windows, but try to give context to the shot i.e window frame.
2. People featured in the footage must have given their permission. Bear this in mind if you’re filming people out of the window, or your neighbours.
3. Footage must be 25p, minimum 1920×1080.
4. Shoot log where possible.
5. Shoot whatever compression/bit rate you want, inc. Raw, just bearing in mind you will need to upload and share the footage with us online after you are comissioned. We can’t accept footage physically, via hard drive. Part of the challenge is to make this a “virtual” production.
6. We’re looking for your very best footage, so we’re creating a limit of 15 clips per filmmaker, with a maximum length of 60 seconds per clip.
7. Try to record good quality, natural sound where relevant.


We would like you to shoot in your own style, or use it as an opportunity to try something new, we want you to interpret this however you want. We’re looking for all sorts of footage, from textural close-ups to sequences of action, people, at all times of day – sunrise and sunset, day and night. This is an opportunity for you to take your time and shoot really beautiful footage whenever they feel inspired to do so. All the footage will be set against a poetic voice-over script.

Please be aware that there is no budget associated with this project, so by submitting your footage you are giving us permission to use it within our film. 

How to submit

A full pitch is not necessary you simply need to submit relevant videos from your portfolio. You can edit your portfolio on the following page or add videos to your profile by accessing the top right menu shown below.

Please pick two of your uploaded videos to create your portfolio and add any additional information that you feel is relevant (including where you are based).

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