louis Auroville Artist
Autodidact since1970. It was after my first journey to Auroville in 1973, in a quest for the future, that inspiration emerged freely. I returned to France and despite all the social and familial difficulties, the decision to paint daily imposed itself. After experimenting with different materials and mediums in an original and non-academic way, I finally found the sense of my painting.
Passionate by the work with materials (silk, plaster, wood,clay, resin), I experimented and produced many handcrafted and artistic objects.
Returning to Auroville in 1993, I initiated a series of oil paintings on canvas. From this day each painting has elaborated itself in an intuitive and spontaneous manner, transforming through time.
The light and the transparency guide me. Making visible that which is invisible, from abstraction to arrive to the figurative.


e-mail: nymphea.creation [at] gmail.com

address: Sve Dame, Auroville

tel: +91 80-98565426, +91 0413 2622154