I have this passion to create images… again and again… Video, 3D, collage, painting, photography, I like exploring all the possibilities of expression. My latest discovery: macrophotography.

These macrophotographs have been taken in a little evergreen forest near the Bay of Bengal in South India called Auroville. Thanks to an amazing macro lens, the Canon MPE-65, I discovered the amazing world of insects, spiders and drops… Facing the beauty of this world I felt a lot of respect and decided to follow an ethic! I never touch or move insects, I have the will to show them in the most natural way. I don’t color insects or change anything with Photoshop, I don’t use additional light.

Witnessing the beauty of our planet is a great joy for me and these days probably an obligation! 🙂

e-mail: clodine [at] auroville.org.in
address: Dana, Auroville
tel: (91) 0413 2623 221, 944 39 58 703