Art comes from what is around you. It is not something far away. It is right here. Waste is part of what is right here so how can it not be part of everyday aesthetics and art? There needs to be a paradigm shift in thinking about art. It is not an achieved state. It is for everyone and it can be done with the material that is considered as waste as long as the artist is expressing what he/she wants to.

I think people need more and more awareness so that they can use things around them. The point of being rich is to express myself and enjoy. This is the kind of art that makes people’s life rich. Consumerism needs to change in India. People need to make better choices. I would say, make things on your own more and buy things of good quality.  Mindless shopping doesn’t increase a country’s economy  –  Think about the waste generated, the money invested in treating the waste and the effects on Ecology. At Upcycling Studio, we once integrated rural craft from a village in the north-east of India into our own design because of its eco-friendly and sustainable nature.

Things made from waste can be seen differently once we know the story behind it. The story behind the object is what makes it unique and makes you want to buy it to have a special place in your life. My aim is not to be able to sell more and more of my products. It is to be able to show a sustainable alternative to different products through my designs. You can copy and make for yourself. I am happy to sell the idea. I am also happy to see that upcycled bags are becoming more and more trendy with the rich.

Like to create Something from Nothing.
RECYCLING: Using waste
In CO-OPERATION with local village women. Starting from the WISH to save our Earth.
UP CYCLING: Creating a higher value through design and quality for longer-lasting products.
LITTER FREE: Our work waste gets eaten up by a hungry litter free elephant.

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