Born 1949 in Heilbronn (Germany) , living and working as artist in Auroville, India and in Germany, Tübingen / Berlin

Art was always an expression of her soul. Her profession is that of teacher and lecturer at college. Previously, she finished her diploma in psychology. In the 70’s, she had a small laboratory for photography.

During her work as a teacher there were created large pieces of textile art together with her students. In this time she was also putting more and more stress on the development of her drawing and modelling skills with artists in the large area of Tuebingen, Germany.

Through courses in painting at the international “European Arts academy Trier” under Manchini, Lasar, Petri,Stahl and especially through regular courses at the “Academy for Fine Arts” at Steffeln under Fritz Baumgartner she became empassioned to develop her own personal style.

Since 2000 she exclusively works as an artist doing painting, photography and sculptures . She presents her work in several countries by single and group exhibitions.
Her artistic main focus is on the human being, expressing it in body-language, spirit and mind. Her life in India brings new artistic aspects.
In winter 2004/05 the first paintings were realized as a result of her occupying herself with the religion, culture and atmosphere of India. Tthe influence of the Tsunami is expressed in her work. Also her first bronzes were cast there.
During a five months long stay in winter 2005/06 at the international Township of Auroville, the so called “City of the Future”, a change happened in her artistic work: traces of this special living space was collected and condensed in a large work that was exhibited in both India and Germany.

She picks up this thread in winter 2008/09 in the search of the spiritual and energetic substance of man and nature using collage, painting, frottage etc.
In 2010/2011 there was shown a mobile exhibition, which will be presented in different countries. To make this possible, in spring 2009 she undertook various projects at public places in Tuebingen to collect traces of different cultures and nations, to show their connection and make them visible in an artistic way.

2012, motivated by a group-exhibition with the subject “tomorrow”, a new way of abstract expression is developing.

2013 she began to work on a project which is linked to the Matrimandir, a Meditation-Building in the center of Auroville,( India) which is surrounded from 12 so called Patels; small meditation rooms in 12 different colours which represent 12 qualities of being. They embrace the Matrimandir. These 12 colours/qualitis she is working on.
After being part of some thematic orientated group exhibitions, Helgard used a longer stay in Germany (2015) to work for some weeks intense at the Art-Academie Allgäu, integrating new technical ways to express in her artwork. Her artistic roots figurative painting shows a developing towards abstract painting. She is integrating for example parts of (international) news paper or Indian fabrics in her paintings which are partly in big formats. Through that she picks up again the energetic aspect of internationality.

2016 Helgard had the chance to work for some weeks in an unused hall of a company in Auroville. There she worked free and expressive, feeling in endless expanse, working parallel on different canvas, partly in big formats. “Joy of live” was the exhibition called, where she presented her works to the public in Auroville.

1999 Unlimited, Trochtelfingen (E)
1999 Sommerkunstakademie, Erkelenz (G)
2000 Wir-Projekt, Gauselfingen (E)
2001 T-Art, 1. Tunnel-Kunst , Schlossberg-Tunnel, Tübingen (G)
2001 Kunst-, und Kunsthandwerker-Markt, Wurmlingen (G)
2002 Rocca Paulina, Perugia (Italien) (G)
2002 Kunst- und Kunsthandwerker-Markt, Wurmlingen (G)
2002 VHS, Herrenberg (G)
2003 Werkschau I , Galerie Kunstverein Herrenberg (G)
2003 Werkschau II , Galerie Kunstverein Herrenberg (G)
2003 Kunstvereins -Ausstellung : Firma Kaut & Bux, Herrenberg (G)
2004 Stadtgalerie Herrenberg : Ausstellung des Kunstv. Herrenberg (G)
2004 Kreissparkasse Rottenburg (E)
2004 Kunstverein Herrenberg: Galerie Blaues Haus, Böblingen (G)
2004 Kulturzentrum VHS Herrenberg , Herrenberg (E)
2004 Alte Kelter, Wurmlingen (G)
2004 Rathaus Dußlingen (E)
2005 Exhibition-hall, Auroville (Indien, Tamil-Nadu ) (G)
2005 Richard Drautz Stift, Heilbronn (E)
2005 Kreiskrankenhaus Reutlingen (E)
2006 Galery Kala Kendra, Auroville ( Indien, Tamil-Nadu ) (E)
2006 Stadtgalerie Herrenberg (G)
2006 Paul-Lechler-Krankenhaus,Tropenklinik Tübingen, Tübingen (E)
2007 Galery Kala Kendra, Auroville ( Indien, Tamil-Nadu ) (E)
2007/8 Stadtgalerie Herrenberg (E)
2008 Cafetreia Center-Guesthouse Auroville (Indien, Tamil Nadu) (E)
2009 Colour-House Kalabhoomi, permanent-show ( Auroville, India) E
2010 Shanti-Travel, Pondy (E), Stadtgalerie Herrenberg (G)
Glashalle Landratsamt Tübingen (E)
Kunstmesse Böblingen (G)
German embassy Chennai, Taj Coromandel ( India)(G)
2011 Stadtgalerie Herrenberg (G)
Böblingen und Filderstadt 19th international Kunstpreis 2011 (G)
2012 Grobnik ( Kroatien)(G),Herrenberg(G)
Marco Polo, Herrenberg(E)
Fa. Rössner, Mössingen (E)
Schloß Eggersberg (G)
Fenstergucker-Aktion Herrenberg (G)
Stadtgalerie Herrenberg, KV Herrenberg Jahresausstellung

2013 Kunst und Antik Messe Böblingen (G)
Stadtgalerie Herrenberg Jahresausstellung KV Herrenberg

2014 Gallery Neelanjany, Auroville (Indien)(G)
Kultur am Kelternberg Vaihingen (G)
Jahresausstellung KV Herrenberg (G)
Kunst-und Antikmesse Böblingen (G)

2015/16 Reha-Klinik Bad Saulgau ( E )

2016 Unity Pavillion , Auroville ( Exhibition: Peace – day) (G)
2016 Citadine, Centre‘d Art , Auroville, India
2016/17 Pitanga Cultural Center, Samast, Auroville, India

E = Individual Exhibition
G = Group Exhibition

Public purchase:
Kreissparkasse Rottenburg (BRD)

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Mail: helgard[at] ;   Mail: h.zurmuehl[at]

India: Kalabhumi

Auroville 605 101   Tamil – Nadu   India.

BRD: Saarstraße 20 , D- 72070 Tübingen

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