My work and passion for the past twenty five years have been focused on understanding the sculptural aspects of South Indian culture. I am Murthy Nadesan and I am a recipient of the National Award for Master Craftsman, New Delhi. I learned stone carving from a master sculptor, Sri Raman, from Mahabalipuram, who taught sculpture to drop-out students. Then I completed my formal education in stone carving under the scheme of Development of Handicrafts conducted by the Districts Industries Center, Pondicherry.

I am inspired and dedicated to teaching the art of stone carving to the next generation of craftsmen. I have taught stone carving to university students from the India, Germany, France, Italy, United States, and many other countries. Currently, I am training a small group of then students for a period of six months in stone carving under the scheme of Guru Shisya Parambara, sponsored by Ministry of Textiles, Government of India. In my training workshops, our students will learn the following elementary skills: handling tools and equipments, determining the size and quality of the stones, basic sketching on paper, exploring various patterns, and delving into sculpturing ideas.

Art remains as a strong challenger of how I share my thoughts and ideas. Stone carving has the abilities of changing one’s thoughts and opening new ideas. As an integral part of developing the local art community, I am dedicated to establishing a stone carving institute in Auroville. This institute will collaborate with master sculptors from different countries and universities to train students and our institute will be a resource center for our past, present, and future trainees.

address: Reve, Auroville
tel: 9442086090