facilitated by artist Vera Lipen.

I offer weekly Tuning to Harmony programs with the Russian Singing Bells.
These are open interactive musical programs consisting of two parts.

First part – listening. Meditative sounds of these unique bells lead us into the state of inner peace and silence. The resonance with the music allows us to experience the deeper layers of our being and tune to the Source of Harmony in ourselves.

Second part – interactive. We use the sounds of the bells as a medium for exploring the states of collective harmony. The participants learn to play the bells tuning with each other, following the feeling of natural harmony. As a result, a spontaneous beautiful music is born towards which each one contributes an indispensable part. A unique experience of creating and living a joyful collective harmony!

Special sessions for groups can be organised on request.

e-mail: vera.auroville [at] gmail.com
phone: +91 978 6949878