Marie-Claire Barsotti Auroville Artist

Marie-Claire Barsotti: A Journey from Schoolteacher to Holistic Artist and Self-Awakening Guide

Marie-Claire Barsotti, a former schoolteacher turned jewelry designer and interior decorator, has embarked on a transformative journey that spans over two decades. Her life, a blend of artistic exploration and spiritual awakening, unfolds between the vibrant international community of Auroville, India, and the serene landscapes of Southern France.

Embracing Art and Self-Discovery in Auroville and France

Marie-Claire’s story is one of continuous evolution. After dedicating over 20 years to the UNESCO-sponsored international community of Auroville, she now divides her time between this dynamic space and the tranquil South of France. This unique lifestyle allows her to immerse herself in artistic research while offering individual and group support in the realms of art and self-awakening.

Holistic Tools for Artistic and Personal Growth

Marie-Claire’s approach to self-discovery and artistic expression is deeply holistic. She skillfully integrates tools like holistic astrology, Holoenergetic® healing, and Bach flower remedies into her practice. These modalities enhance her work, enabling her to guide others on their paths to self-awareness and creative fulfillment.

The Artistic Evolution: From Jewelry Design to Painting the Subtle Worlds

Marie-Claire’s artistic journey has been rich and varied. Initially a jewelry designer and interior decorator, she eventually found her true calling in painting. Her work is a testament to her commitment to exploring the subtleties of the world through art.

A Self-Taught Artist with a Global Perspective

As a self-taught artist, Marie-Claire’s background is as unique as her art. Since 1993, she has been a part of Auroville’s international community, where her creativity has flourished. Simultaneously, she maintains a strong connection with the French design and art scene, spending several months each year immersed in its vibrant culture.

The Creative Process: A Meditative and Contemplative Journey

Marie-Claire’s creative process is deeply introspective, often entering a contemplative or meditative state. Her art aims to resonate with the viewer, giving form and color to emotions and embodying light and life energy. Her work is a quest to express the essence of being, intuitively and instinctively.

Contributing to the Awakening of Humanity

Marie-Claire’s artistic and spiritual endeavors are driven by a profound desire to contribute to the awakening of humanity. She envisions a world where individuals recognize their marvelous nature as free beings, connected to the whole and responsible for creating their lives.

Marie-Claire Barsotti’s life and work are a celebration of art, spirituality, and the continuous quest for personal growth and self-awareness. Her unique blend of artistic talent and holistic practices offers a refreshing perspective on the power of creativity and self-discovery.