“Watsu practitioner (shiatsu in the water), brilliant comedian, singer, Orev’s paintings are as flamboyant as her curls. This French artist definitely gets her influence from her beloved India but her charisma stays as French as can be.   As with a sprouting seed becoming a young plant and forcing its way through the earth, a bud is the word who comes into mind when thinking of Orev and her art. Meaning that with proper care the seed will bring forth a splendid tree.
This Aurovillian artist even if she has been painting all along just started her career as a painter about a year ago. Extremely talented in the art and practice of watsu (form of aquatic bodywork used for deep relaxation and passive aquatic work), it is only lately that she has decided that painting will become one of her priorities.
Having been in Auroville for the last 30 years, her style is definitely influenced by this visionary and esoteric place , almost like if every painting has a touch of a new world or a new beginning. Her compositions are usually of symbolic geometrical connotation of whirls and circles accentuating her spiritual inspiration. Floating faces, figures or bodies travel in the finite and infinite space almost like if the floating and softness quality of watsu had also an effect in the expression of her style.
The colours are lively and bright and the style can sometimes have a touch of abstract or could be called surrealistic in a Magritte kind of way. Preparing her first exhibition , Orev’s art is an allegory of herself, a mirror of Auroville vision and a challenge to disentangle the proliferation of all kind of possibilities and weave a fabric of meaning , one with clear patterns and pictures. In other words it is to make sense of things and the definite reassurance of success.”
Chana Corinne Devor art critic for AVart services.
Address: Sve Dame, Auroville, 605101 Tamil Nadu, India

Mail: orevindia@gmail.com
Phone number: 2622154  



From The Play ‘Millidacious’

From the Play ‘King Stag’

From the Play ‘The mad woman of Chaillot’
Aquatic Bodywork