8Inmersion Workshop by Rod Hemsell

Eastern Week in Menorca, Spain

From April 12th until 16th 2017

The real experiences known by Sri Aurobindo, makes of his mantric poem SAVITRI a legacy and a true map of the diverse levels of consciousness, directed to all those seekers of the occult and the ways of the spirit.

Rod Hemsell is a northamerican philosopher dedicated to educational work and author of articles, books and essays on religion, philosophy and Integral Yoga. He lived in the Ashram of Sri Aurobindo and in the universal city Auroville, in India. Participating as one of the first pioneers in those remote and precarious beginnings, with Mirra Alfassa, better known as The Mother, visionary and Founder of Auroville, “The city of the dawn”. The specific dedication of Rod Hemsell to Savitri, was fulfilled in his presentation of this Poem, in “the Parliament of the Religions of the World” celebrated in Chicago, 1993.

In 2007 Rod Hemsell co-founded the “University of Human Unity” in Auroville, an innovative and alternative educational space that expresses itself in the fullness of the exploration of a new conscience. Participation in a seminary of Savitri leads to the revelation of the yogic knowledge of Sri Aurobindo implicit in his work, which has its origin in the Vedas, Upanishads and Tantra. Organized in Es Barranc d’Algendar, Menorca, Islas Baleares by:

Info, booking and/or subcription: sigfrid@tamintegral.com