Marco Saroldi: “1Minute” video for Marco Saroldi

A twin photos exhibition by Dominique Darr and Marco Saroldi
@centre.dart Auroville
7th to 28th September 2019
OPENING Saturday 7th September 4:30-7pm

The season of the Centre d’Art – Citadines opens on Saturday, 7th September 2019, with the exhibition entitled ‘Twice upon a time’. The exhibition is the fruit of the collaboration between two photographers: Marco Saroldi and Dominique Darr. Dominique, who died in 2016, has left a unique testimony on the birth and the beginnings of Auroville. Marco has been living and working in Auroville since 2015. It was by leafing through those archives that he came up with an idea. What would happen if we took the same pictures today? What would we see? How have these places changed? And the people who unfold amidst these landscapes?
Marco responds in a natural way to Dominique’s work, all in black and white, with the colours he has always loved. The link between the pairs of pictures is not necessarily the location where they were taken. The common factor might be an activity, an attitude, a sensation – the mysterious currents image hunters perceive, transforming their shots into the troubling places where one recognizes oneself. (Dominique, August 2019)