Managing Data for Movies by Neil Sadwelkar powered by LaCieIndia Film Project & LaCie brings to you a free of cost workshop on how to master the data management and workflow while capturing any kind of videos professionally so that all your hard work counts, its more than just creating backups, there is more nuance to it, there are industry standard workflow and technics that will help you in streamlining your next project.

Date: 12 December 2020
Time: 5:30 PM IST

What will you learn at the workshop?

– Why Backup
– Backup rules and how to never lose data
– Ideal data rate and drive budget for a movies and your personal projects.
– Transfer interfaces speed realities
– How to move data during post
– What are RAIDs and SSDs and how to use them effectively
– Long term backup strategies for movies or any of your projects.
– How to manage your data during production and post production
– How to create workflow for your next shoot

About Neil Sadwelkar:

Neil Sadwelkar is a Technology expert for film and video post-production who also has robust experience in actual hands-on editing and creative work. Neil has helped set up one truly world class facility in Mumbai, India for film and video post-production. It rivals the best anywhere in the world. And its run successfully for seven years now.

His specialities are, Film and video editing systems, Digital motion picture acquisition, Non-film acquisition, Video and audio compression, DVD authoring, Post-production Systems setup, Post-production System design.

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