JuedischesMuseumBerlin_KadishmanKala Kendra – Centre for Arts in Bharat Nivas – The Pavilion of India

(29 Minutes)

a Documentary with an Interactive session
by V.Hariraam

At Kala Kendra – Center for Arts, Bharat Nivas

On Saturday the 6th of August, 2016 at 4:30 PM

‘Art and an Elusive Peace’
“Recently I had been in Berlin. I visited the Jewish Museum and documented a few installations by a few internationally acclaimed artists. These installations inspired me a lot though; I could not document some that were gruesome. However they signified the end result of hate. They aimed at consolidation of peace rather than bloodshed. Also I visited and documented a bit at the ‘Sachsenhausen’, the historical site of the concentration camp. I visited the Kaizer Wilheln Memorial Church that was bombarded during the previous regime of the Nazis.

I could not do full justice to the documentary though, it could throw some light at what Berlin was like and is today. Yet, the gloom is felt even to this day. I used a Canon 60 D Camera to make this documentary Possible”.

V. Hariraam