Finding oneness in diversity and beauty

We did it!

The applications have come in and lots of thoughts come into mind.

It all started with a dream. This adventure was born last March when, during an art camp in Chittorgarh, a few of us contemplated the creation of an art camp in Auroville, the first of its kind. Now it is evolving into a cornucopia of wonders and an abundance of gratitude is emerging from the team.
First we would like to thank the Auroville 50th Anniversary Planning Group and Saiier, without whose unbelievable and spontaneous support, this project could not happen. Further, we want to express our gratitude to the community at large whose enthusiasm keeps us alert, happy and always motivated.

And then …the artists!

The abundance of wonderful Indian artists from all over India who have applied is not only thrilling but touching. They are talented( some of them well known internationally), deep, spirited, with a strong desire to evolve through art and beauty. The quality of their work promises an art camp that will be rich in evolvement and aesthetic, and bountiful in learning and experiences. As for our beautiful Aurovilian artists who have applied, thank you for your support. It reinforces powerfully the statement of one of our applicants: “To work artistically on the theme of ‘A new world is possible’ increases the richness, the creation and the strength of the affirmation that a new world is possible”. So your commitment is extremely meaningful.

And individually, as Aurovilians and members of the Auroville Art Camp team, we are learning humility in diversity. We recognise that every “limb” of the mutual body is indispensable and that every component complements and advances interest of the whole. We hope that this beautiful collective experience, this harmony in diversity, will help build a unified community; diverse and united by a cause greater than, and one that transcends, individual interest. With colours and musical notes, we hope to create beautiful art and symphonies of love.

Thanks to everyone in this community who is giving us their heart-felt support, and, most of all, thank you for helping Auroville to be a light to the world.

Corinne for the Auroville Art Camp team.