Study Lynch’s Mulholland Drive, shot by shot, with Kamal Swaroop on 23-24 and 30-31 January from 2-6.30pm IST. Voluntary contribution for Aurovilians. For details and registration visit

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David Lynch – the master of uncanny! His film, Mulholland Drive is this noir-narcotic loop of heartbreak in the “dream place” of Hollywood, one can easily see its reflection in Bollywood.

Kamal Swaroop has chosen to deconstruct this unyielding world of darkness and confusion for many reasons, primarily for the trapping of the dream and the unconscious in a convention of the cinematic language. He is interested in ‘transference’ as in psychoanalysis. How did Lynch turn this into cinema? Kamal Swaroop himself is a legendary filmmaker – ‘unassumingly bold, preposterously original and tending to cut against the grain almost by design’. Kamal’s reading of Lynch’s best – is unmissable.

Study cinema with Kamal Swaroop on 23-24 & 30-31 Jan 2020; 2:00 to 6:30pm IST 

For details and registrations please visit – Or message +91 9969879319. Please spread the word. Thank you !