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Last published podcasts:

  1. Av Foundation Outreach gathering –Thiruchitrambalam(City Life & Bioregion development)
  2. Soul Track – Se.03, ep.14 “Matt & Dhani ride Again!”(Music)
  3. AV Foundation Outreach Gathering- Alankuppam(City Life & Bioregion development)
  4. Indian Music Live Concert(Music)
  5. Av Foundation Outreach gathering – Edayanchavadi(City Life & Bioregion development)
  6. Happiness, Love and Laughter-Ep.135 “Come Together… In conversation with Divya”(Wellness)
  7. Audible weed Walk- Ep.72 “Mega meal from the Weedy Nation: reaching beyond the rationale”(Food Education)
  8. Marlenka’s Weekly Offering – ep.45(Integral Yoga)
  9. Une série hebdomadaire de lectures par Gangalakshmi – 386(Integral Yoga)
  10. Tamil Express – lesson 1(Tamil Language)
  11. The Life of Sri Aurobindo in Tamil-Ep.6 “ஸ்ரீ அரவிந்தரின் வாழ்க்கை வரலாறு”(Sri Aurobindo)
  12. Savitri, B. XI, C. I, Part 4(Integral Yoga)
  13. A Narration on Irumbai Mahalam(Tamil Culture)
  14. Happiness, Love and Laughter-Ep.134 “Bridging Divides”(Wellness)
  15. Stories of Tamil Aurovilians(City Life)

Last Youtube Live Videos:

“To Honor Sri Aurobindo – His Realisations of Nirvana and Cosmic Consciousness” A talk by Loretta (Auroville Festival 2022)

AUROVILLE’s 54th Birthday – Dawnfire Meditation (Auroville Festival 2022)

Auroville Festival – Closing celebration   (Auroville Festival 2022)Please help us to relocate the radio! Donate to F.A. number 251369

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