mirrorThe French Pavilion presents

“ Beyond the mirror ”

“Au-delà du miroir”


From Jean-Yves Bilien

Saturday 15 th April 2017

5 pm

Cinema Paradiso

In French only

Jean-Yves Bilien, Director of films and documentaries, interviews Sylvie Ouellet, medium. For 15 years, Sylvie Ouellet has been passionate about understanding the universal laws that govern the passages of birth, incarnation and death. With a great capacity for synthesis and clarity of speech, her research is transmitted in a simple and accessible way and that makes it possible to lift the veil to access an enlightened vision of Life. She poses a holistic view that is not a dogma but is based on the
recent research of modern, quantum and esoteric science, as well as on the teachings of philosophy, psychology and her extraordinary experiences coming from communications with other planes of consciousness. Her approach imposes no preconceived answers; It leads, on the contrary, to an internal personal approach in order to reconnect with the innate wisdom in each. A journey with Sylvie Ouellet inevitably leads to a profound investigation of the nature of the spiritual Being living in a human incarnation. It helps to find out what is true for you here and now.

To know more about these documentaries: www.jeanyvesbilien.com