Bharatnivas Invites All To the following programs at Kalakendra for the next 4 Sundays:

Venue: Kalakendra
Time: 3 to 7.30pm

Talks and Art workshops on the Theme of Art & Human Unity:

These meetings of minds are to mark the 50 th Anniversary of Auroville and express Auroville’s gratitude
to Ashram Members, Teachers, and Students & friends who had participated in the Founding Ceremony
of Auroville.

17th, 24th of February & 3rd March



Program No.1

Aurovilians & Friends – two from each nationality – (preferable one female artist and one male artist) –
are invited to sign up for the creation of a collective circular artistic canvas painting workshop:

One Heart for One World

Today more than anything we need peace in our hearts and love for our neighbors in order to be truly

Inviting one and all to join hands in this creative gesture of human unity, by expressing in any medium
on a round shaped canvas of twelve inches diameter, a dream, a prayer, an aspiration for Human Unity.
The canvas and basic acrylic colors will be provided, but if you require anything more specifically for
your work please bring with you. At the end of the month long exhibition these circles will be stitched
together (volunteers are welcome for this) and will be displayed at Bharat Nivas as a symbol of our
creative aspiration for World Unity.

Thank you to register before hand by emailing by giving your name, country of
origin, mention the Indian State you belong to (for Indians) and giving your creative background in 3 lines. We
would like to have at least one person from each Indian state and each country of the world.
Thank you to treat this as our collective invitation and please extend this invite to one and all to participate on
the 17 th , 24 th of February & on 3 rd March at Kala Kendra, Bharat Nivas between 3 and 7.30 p.m. with prior
Program No.2

Sharing of personal journey & experience on how Mother’s initiated the project of Auroville and
engaged Ashram Members to prepare the first roads and the center of Auroville – digging work of the
Amphitheatre and Matrimandir.

Few pioneers from the Ashram and Auroville will be invited on each of these coming 4 Sundays to share

with the Auroville audience their experiences.
Time: from 4.30 to 6 pm
Venue: Kalakendra, Bharat Nivas
Program No.3

Closing ceremony
Venue: Kalakendra:
Time: 5.30 pm

Chanting in Sanskrit followed by short Contemporary Dance Performance by Rekha & group:
Meditations on Shakti-Shiva, by Rekha and group.

“This presentation in two parts, invokes Shakti and Shiva as divine principles within the human body, through the
language of odissi dance, yoga and ritual gestures.
It begins with a solo address to Devi as Pure Awareness, Infinite Strength and the Embodiment of Auspiciousness,
whose presence is sought here and now at this special moment of Shivratri.  Surya is invoked as the creative essence of Devi, and Shiva celebrated as the Causal Principle, through pneumonicsounds and odissi’s abstract movement patterns. ”
Artistic Direction: Rekha Tandon
Dancers: Kalvi, Abhi, Shrishti, Karolina, and Rekha
Musicians from Mohanam in Auroville
Musical arrangements by Michael Weston
Presented by Dance Routes, Skandavan