In few days, Bernard Fort will come to Auroville for 10 days, I met him few years ago while he was giving a “field sound recording” workshop in south of France. He navigates between ornithology and music composition. He is passionate by birdsongs and became one of the best expert of birdsong in France. He’s using his recordings of nature and birds for composing electroacoustic music.

He does not belong to any box, the musicians say that he’s an ornithologist and the ornithologist say that he’s a musician…
This man is so passionate that when he tells you about birdsongs and birds life that you immediately fall in love with birds (if it is not already the case).

He is going to give us a listening session at Cinema Paradiso onThursday 29th December at 5 pm, in French as its organized by the French Pavilion. But those who do not speak French you can still come and enjoy his beautiful natural soundscapes.
Also we will spend many of his early mornings recording Auroville’s birdsongs, so don’t be afraid if you see us with a big parabolic mic, we are not secret agent, only birdsong lovers…
Professionals in sound, video, ornithology or wildlife, if you wish to join us some mornings for recording sessions you’re most welcome, but you need to bring a good microphone. Please contact me if you want to join us: or 9600880109