For early career artists and creative practitioners working in visual arts. 

  • Production Grant – INR 4,00,000 Lacs 
  • Upto 10 Artists 
  • Application Deadline : 15 June 2021 
  • Apply Now

Visual artists and other creative practitioners contribute to our cultural identity and economic boost. What contemporary artists and creative practitioners create, is what later is documented as evidence of the times. If creative output stops, there will be no way of documenting today’s times. Although art today is subsidized by collectors and art enthusiasts, in a larger prospect, artists still suffer economic distress and not all artists are able to  make a living based off creating their pieces.  

Artists would not be called artists if not for their continuous creative processes. With the pandemic running for more than a year,  artists who are young, emerging or even in their mid-career have been needing all the support provided, to be able to just continue with what they do best. As most creative fraternities across the country and the world continue to battle against this destructive virus, a large section of artists have been losing out on all sources of income which not only is affecting the creative processes but the livelihood of these passionate artists.  

The unpredicted pause in the regular activities of art galleries and open markets, rescission of art shows, and a pause to the purchases of artworks and handicrafts has severely undercut the economic livelihoods of artists, artisans and their communities.  

Not all artists have a full-time job that guarantees a monthly stipend – and we understand that makes it difficult for artists whose livelihood depend on the sale of their artworks, small or big, to survive let alone create.  

With this production grant, we are hoping to provide opportunities for such passionate artists to worry a little less and utilize the funds to continue with their practices.  

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Eligibility Criteria –  

  • Artists who have procured either a MVA/MFA or a BFA/BVA degree from any university.  
  • Must have at least two years of sustained art practice since 2019 
  • Those who have Covid-19 positive cases in their immediate family (parents/siblings/spouse/self) or are experiencing a financial impact due to pandemic 
  • Those whose primary source of income is their art practice  
  • Visual arts include: painting, sculpture, photography, film and related media 
  • Family Income under INR 5Lacs per annum 

Use of grants –  

  • The grant is to be used towards procurement of material or to support livelihood in case materials are already available 
  • The grant will be distributed to the artist over a period of time 
  • The artist must be able to produce at least 80% bills of the entire expenditure done 

How to apply – 

  • Complete the grant application form on the website and upload the below documents –  
  • Updated CV 
  • Artist Statement 
  • Attach images of your works as a single pdf (It should not have more than 10 images) 
  • If your works are in audio/video or available on a website/drive – please share the link.  
  • Attach graduation certificate/final marksheet/equivalent document 
  • Income declaration documents OR Self Declaration with specifics in case if you are unable to access the same. 
  • Please note : documents can be uploaded in any language 

Selection Criteria –  

  • Complete application which fulfils maximum eligibility criteria 
  • Artists who already have grants or aids from other organizations are advised not to apply. The grant is meant for those in financial assistance at this time.  
  • A panel of Jury will award grants to artists on multiple criteria’s like 
  • Consistency of artistic thought and practice  
  • Economic and Medical situation 
  • Commitment to creating more work 

Deliverables –  

  • After 4 months of receiving the grant, the grantee must submit a 1000-word report on the utilization of the funds inclusive of process images, text and description of work done using this grant. 
  • The grant will conclude in an exhibition (online/offline) which will display the works produced by the grantees using this fund.