This coming school year we can welcome 2 students more in our apprenticeship program.

This program is for Aurovilians, pre-adults and adults.

Filmmaking apprenticeship’s program covers the areas of pre-production, production, and post-production.

It’s an an individual tuition, each student writes, shoots, directs and edits his/her own film and may contributes to others projects on specific areas.

The duration of the apprenticeship depends on the pace of work of the student and on his/her needs. The time is divided in studio time (prepostproduction stage/Feedbacks and accompagnement of the teachers, teachings, editing), outdoors time (meetings, scout for locations, shootings) , and personal time (preproduction stage, shootings, logging, editing)

The schedule is designed based on those parameters and also on other activities that the student may have elsewhere.

An apprentice maintenance is possible thanks to the support of Saiier.

To know more about it, contact Claire and RV by phone: 2623197 or by email:

At Her Service
Claire and RV