On Wednesday 14 November to Friday 16 November the reading of SAVITRI will start at 9am and continue until 12:30noon.

Then there will be a pause and will start again at 2:30pm and will close around 7:00pm.

On Saturday 17 November and Sunday 18 November, the reading will start at 9am, but will continue throughout the day.

Also you are most welcome to join for part or the whole of this SAVITRI Reading or ‘parayan’.


Important for the complete SAVITRI Reading is to keep the concentration and the field of aspiration uninterrupted. For this reason, no one should join or leave the group while a Canto is being read. When a Canto is finished, there will be meditation and concentration and a short pause around 5min. During that time people can join or leave.

Which Book and Canto of SAVITRI are scheduled on what day and approximately on what time is worked out and one can find it in Auronet, the schedule will be at the Savitri Bhavan entrance desk or one can ask for it and write to savitri-reading-parayan@auroville.org.in