Arpanaa, (a service under AV City Services) is delighted to present a unique Indian Classical Music and Dance concert:

Sri Krishna Rasa Panchamrutam

This program commemorates the auspicious occasion of Janmashtami-The Birth Celebration of Lord Krishna!

  • When: 7:30-8:30pm, 29 August 2021
  • Where: Mini Amphitheatre, Matrimandir.

Sri Krishna has come to occupy a place of pride in the life and world of people across the length and breadth of India and the world. Sparkling with divinity and sweetness in almost every aspect of His Self and Being, He is etched deeply in the minds and hearts of his devotees.

The Bhagavatam and the song celestial, Geeta have described his life and teachings in great detail. Given the beauty and charm of these stories, they tend to fill us with delight even on being heard again and again.

Krishna as a godhead is the Lord of Ananda, Love and Bhakti; as an incarnation, he manifests the union of wisdom (Jnana) and works and leads the earth-evolution through this towards union with the Divine by Ananda, Love and Bhakti, says Sri Aurobindo.

The Sri Krishna Rasa Panchamrutham, presented by Dr. Jayanti Ravi and ensemble is an attempt to bring this ‘nectar’ from the life and times of Lord Sri Krishna in an intricately woven format that weaves in ‘Katha'(storytelling) along with ‘Geetham’ (music) and ‘Nritya'(dance).

The Secretary AV Foundation, Dr. Jayanti Ravi is an eminent classical vocalist with, training spanning varied genres of Indian music including Carnatic, Hindustani, Abhangs, Shabads and Sugam-Sangeet. She will be rendering the stories and the songs in this thematic concert.

Joining her is her daughter Krupa Ravi a talented young Bharatnatyam exponent of the Kalakshetra style. They will be accompanied by othereminent musicians.

This concert is presented as an offering at the Matrimandir and hence there will be no announcements during the programme and we request members of the community to please refrain from applause.

Arpanaa invites you all to be a part of this beautiful artistic experience.