A documentary film inspired by the work of
Sri Aurobindo and Mirra AlfassaFeaturing: Stanislav Grof, Brian Thomas Swimme, Michael Murphy,
and many more

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The documentary film Conscious is now available to rent or to buy around the world. Click on the link:


The price was set low by some standards after consideration of world economic inequities. If you select the Buy button you will have the option to offer little more, it is up to you.

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200 Viewings a Month

On Amazon Prime alone, where interest in Conscious has jumped again, well over 200 people are now viewing the film each month.

2019 Screenings
During the winter and spring we screened Conscious in Auroville and Delhi in India, and then at the AUM Conference in Seattle in the USA. We send a warm appreciation to the enthusiastic audiences that continue to support Conscious.

A New Film Takes Shape

Please watch for an update on the new film in production. Here is a sneak peak:

Important new interviews have been filmed in India and Thailand

Inciting Incident: The global crises

Central Question:

If we can accept that the changes that are occurring on Earth are ongoing and irreversible then:

How can we be with the changes in a different way?

This absolutely means a consciousness different to that which resulted in the global crises.

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Alan and Joseh