louisThe Red Door

Paintings by Louis

Pitanga, 10 – 24 December

’The Red Door’ This title might arouse your curiosity , but it gets even more intriguing as you will dive deeper into the meaning of it…..suddenly everything will make sense, the painter, his paintings, Auroville, the red and the door.

You will find yourself at the right place, at the right time and you will be at home in time.

When one thinks of red, one thinks of a color of extremity, of energy and primal life force…a door that could be an entrance or an exit to an unknown place. For Louis, a red door is the world of the future and his exhibition in Pitanga which will last until
the 24th of December, is a reflection of his life quest.

The entire exhibit has very much an Aurovilian tone, as it is inspired directly from the internal vision of Sri Aurobindo and the “Supramental world” and the Mother who envisioned this supramental world with an orange-red color.

Imagine a boat with indescribable beings going up and down, all bathing in an ethereal orange-red atmosphere, the whole frame almost impossible to describe as too difficult for the mind to comprehend or to even give it a meaning.

For Louis Morlaes, life is all about the future world and beauty, it is like a red sun – a fire which energises and transforms – which does not burn. It is about refinement inthe evolution of species. Women are represented in most of the paintings as an allegory to beauty, sensuous and mystical.

Red, future world, women, floating beings, those are the main themes of th exhibition with the exception of a couple of paintings, one called “The Meeting” representing what could be a God and a Goddess looking at each other, but could also be a king or a queen, or maybe even some supramental beings. With imagination, everything is there in the content and the interpretation is yours.

The other one, called “Physical Consciousness”, has the distorted movement of the famous & Scream’ from Edgard Munch, almost like if the spirit and matter have to go through a lot of uneasiness before they can finally merge. If different, both paintings are still in the spirit of Louis who admits that for him painting is not about expressing any kind of hidden emotions but more of a secret garden.

Vision of the future world? Attempt to make visible what is invisible? Opening days of a new time? You might find yourself wondering in an endless flow of a mystery all yet to be or you might welcome the chance to see beyond the momentary phenomena of everyday, but one thing for sure: you are at home in time.

This article was written by Chana Corinne Devor for Auroville Art Service. Presently exploring Auroville, she is an art critic and writes for international travel and spiritualmagazines.